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MS & Things People Should NOT Say

**Originally Published on MultipleSclerosis.net** I think we have all dealt with people making comments, or just doing something that is bothersome to us, when discussing our MS… or if it gets brought up at random… I’ve had some people tell … Continue reading

Moving with MS

Moving with MS By: Maggie Harling Well, this month I thought I’d try to write about what it’s like to move to a totally new place and continue to thrive as a person with MS. There are many elements to … Continue reading

World Class Equestrian Dreams Become Reality

“World Class Equestrian Dreams Become Reality” Mary from Maine      Donate     Contact Mary     FaceBook Page   Nobody ever forgets receiving the news of their Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. Ever. For me it was 14 years ago, after enduring a … Continue reading

“This is How we Roll”

“This is How we Roll” by: Maggie Harling I’m medically trained, but the best description of MS I ever heard was from an auto mechanic. “Imagine a car” he said. “Nowadays computers run cars and the computer communicates with the … Continue reading

maggie kayaking
A Day on the Water

A Day on the Water By: Maggie Harling Tried something new today…sea kayaking! I was very nervous before I went. My husband has just retired and we have moved to coastal Maine. He made all the arrangements. We went with … Continue reading

The Hope of a Folding Chair

The Hope of a Folding Chair by Sónia Trejo   On a recent beautiful and sunny Southern California day, the Pasadena Rose Bowl was buzzing with thousands of people. Some were in wheelchairs, some used walkers or canes while others … Continue reading

The 5 Pillars of Hope and Healing

The 5 Pillars of Hope and Healing by: Sonia Trejo   The Journey from Diagnosis to Hope and Healing begins when you decide that you are not a statistic. You have the power to create a new outcome and shift … Continue reading

“A Trail Ride”

A Trail ride By: Maggie Harling My friend and I have been learning to ride for some years, usually in a large indoor arena.   Occasionally we would get to ride in an outdoor paddock, always careful not to get too hot … Continue reading

Accessing the Power of Gratitude

Accessing the Power of Gratitude by Sónia Trejo Journaling and practicing gratitude has been my daily practice since my 20’s. While focusing on gratitude had previously added positivity to my day, I had no idea how much it could actually … Continue reading

Ask Maggie: Getting Around

As someone with secondary progressive MS, how do you manage to get around without a car? Do you ever feel like you are asking too much of your family and friends? I am in a wheelchair and can’t drive. This … Continue reading

“Rein Loops”

Rein Loops by: Maggie Harling I’d been riding for four years before I realized what the problem was. Because of MS I have a weak left hand. As I ride, my hand gradually slips up the rein;  I can maintain … Continue reading

Ask Maggie: Equine Therapy

Hi Maggie, How did you get involved with Equine therapy? Can you tell me the best way to get active in my community? Anonymous We got involved with equine therapy when the MS Foundation briefly sponsored 8 weeks of lessons. … Continue reading

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Anna’s Thriving Story
A “Thriving Beyond MS©” Featured Story

Anna C. thrives beyond MS by finding new ways to stay active and following her passions: Hi, my name is Anna. I happen to have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. As of this date, there are not too many options for … Continue reading

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Marisa B’s Thriving Story
A “Thriving Beyond MS©” Featured Story

Marisa B. just considers MS another mountain to climb. Everyone Has Their Mountain Thirteen years ago, I was told those four words that changed my life: “You have Multiple Sclerosis.” I had no idea what MS was, nor did I … Continue reading

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Colleen P’s Thriving Story
A “Thriving Beyond MS©” Featured Story

Colleen P.’s relationship with her son helps her thrive beyond MS: My name is Colleen. I am 31 years old and I have relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 22, and my son … Continue reading

Rick’s Thriving Story
A “Thriving Beyond MS©” Featured Story

Rick C. shares how he has biking, his family and writing to help him thrive beyond his MS diagnosis: When it comes to how I “thrive with MS”, there is no single answer. God’s love, the support of my family, having … Continue reading

MS Cure Fund partners with Sonia Trejo

All I heard was “wheelchair” and “blind.“ When I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995, I was a successful fashion designer, strong athlete, martial artist and a dedicated yogi. And, I was just weeks away from marrying the love … Continue reading

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The Gifts of MS

A man with MS who is a composer, conductor, theatrical designer and magician. Robert Parker Male, 55+, US http://giftsofms.blogspot.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Lisa Says
MS Lisa Says

A woman with MS who is a wife, mother and grandmother. Lisa Dasis    Female, 55+, US http://www.mslisasays.com/   

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Kaleidoscope Stuff
Kaleidoscope stuff

A woman with MS who is a former teacher and principal and is a wife, mother and grandmother. MarySue aka “Muffie” Female, 55+, US http://kaleidoscopemuff.blogspot.com/