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MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Nicole Lemelle
My New Normals

A woman with MS who is a writer and activist. Nicole Lemelle Female, US http://www.mynewnormals.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Dan and Jennifer
Dan and Jennifer Digmann

A married couple, both with MS, who met at an NMSS program. Dan and Jennifer Digmann Male/Female, US http://danandjenniferdigmann.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Lesion Journals
The Lesion Journals

A woman with MS who is a photographer and an avid bike rider. Christie Germans Female, 35-44, US http://thelesionjournals.blogspot.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Matts MS
Matt’s MS

A young man with MS who operates his own photography business. Matt Gonzales Male, 18-24, US http://www.mattsms.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Jim Dandy
Everyone Here is Jim Dandy

A man who writes on his life in Bali, Multiple Sclerosis, Writing, Family, Travels and, as he puts it, “other amusements.” R.W. Boughton Male, 55+, US http://everyonehereisjimdandy.blogspot.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Yvonne DeSousa
Finding Humor in a Multiple Sclerosis Life

A woman from Cape Cod, MA living with MS and bringing humor into her daily life with MS. Yvonne DeSousa Female, 35-44, US http://yvonnedesousa.com/

MS Blog_Other Voices_Photo_Conor Devine
Conor Devine’s Blog

A young entrepreneur in the real estate industry, MS awareness campaigner and, in his words, a “dreamer.” Conor Devine Male, 25-34, UK http://conordevine.blogspot.com