Symptom Detail



Most common mobility limitation in MS. Results in sudden weakness of limbs which can cause objects to drop or general unsteadiness.


Issues with balance and coordination within MS is extremely common. People usually report sudden weakness in their limbs. This can cause frequently dropping objects and generally becoming unsteady on their feet.

Important Facts

In MS, there can be damage to the cerebellum. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls balance. Any impairment of the nerves means that muscles will not behave in the way they used to.


This symptom is related to many factors including: weakness, spasticity, loss of balance, sensory deficit and fatigue.


1. Physical Therapy 2. Assistive Equipment – wheelchairs and canes for example 3. Medicinal Therapy – Ampyra ( is a walking medication approved in 2010. It has the ability to improve walking in MS patients.