Symptom Detail



One of the most common symptoms of MS. Lassitude or \”MS fatigue\” is a type of fatigue that is unique to people who have MS. This type of fatigue occurs on a daily basis, tends to worsen as the day progresses and tends to be aggravated by heat and humidity.


MS fatigue can severely interfere with a patient’s ability to function during their normal daily routines. It comes on very suddenly and is much more severe than normal fatigue that others might suffer from.

Important Facts

MS related fatigue occurs in 75 percent to 95 percent of patients. Fatigue can range from feelings of general tiredness to weakness in the muscles.


The causes are unknown & research is ongoing.


1. Occupational therapy to help make daily tasks easier 2. Regulating your sleep schedule 3. Joining a support group or relaxation training/stress management class 4. Learning strategies to avoid overheating and ways to cool down quickly 5. Develop a regular exercise routine 6. Medicinal therapy – Symmetrel & Provigil (