Symptom Detail



Often one of the first symptoms of MS. Numbness in the arms, legs, face or entire body is very common in MS patients and can range from mild to very extreme, often affecting one’s ability to use that part of their body for extended periods of time.


Numbness in MS is a feeling of pins and needles, burning, itching, tingling, buzzing and vibrating sensations on various parts of the body. It can occur anywhere but it most commonly begins in the hands and feet while moving progressively closer to the core.

Important Facts

In MS, numbness and related sensations are known as paresthesia. Paresthesia is unique to each MS patient with relation to types of sensation, when it occurs, duration and if it resolves completely.


Caused by lesions on the brain or spinal cord as a result of touch or spontaneously. The numbness is often a part of a pseudoexacerbation (an increase in MS related symptoms due to an outside factor).


1. In severe cases, the patient may be prescribed corticosteroids for temporary relief 2. Acupuncture or pointed pressure therapy 3. Exercise & health diet