Symptom Detail

bowel dysfunction


Involves constipation, diarrhea, other stomach and bowel problems can occur.


The most common manifestation of bowel dysfunction in individuals with MS is constipation. This symptom happens as a result of the nerves and muscles in the body not moving waste through the body.

Important Facts

Bowel dysfunction can be further aggravated if the person has bladder dysfunction. If the person suffers from an overactive bladder, they might reduce their intake of liquids, thereby causing constipation.


Often due to lack of fluids and physical activity, can also be caused by certain medications such as antidepressants or those for bladder control. Loss of bowel control may be neurologic in origin and should be evaluated by a physician.


1. Diet management 2. Adequate fluid intake 3. Medications as recommended by your physician 4. Develop a regular exercise routine