Symptom Detail

hearing loss


This is an uncommon symptom of MS as few patients mention hearing impairment. There are very few cases of hearing loss being reported as the first symptom of MS.


People with MS can experience problems with hearing, such as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or sudden hearing loss. In many cases of MS-related hearing loss, the impairment tends to be sudden and pretty dramatic, meaning that it can happen all at once or over the course of a couple of days. In the vast majority of cases of MS-related hearing problems, the symptoms resolve completely, with no residual hearing deficit. In most people, hearing loss does not recur.

Important Facts

In the majority of people with MS who experience hearing loss as an MS symptom, it is unilateral (only occurs in one ear). However, there are rare cases of both ears being affected.


Hearing loss may take place during an acute exacerbation in patients.


Treating ringing in the ears related to multiple sclerosis is difficult since it is hard to detect the problem early on. Once diagnosed, there is no set treatment for the disorder; a doctor may focus on managing symptoms instead. Sudden hearing loss does not have any definitive successful treatments.