Symptom Detail



Itching is in the family of abnormal sensations (i.e. pins & needles, stabbing, burning, or tearing pains). These sensations are different than allergic itching and can occur suddenly and intensely for short periods of time.


Itching as a result of MS have the following characteristics: 1. Paroxysmal 2. Frequent 3. Short duration 4. Nocturnal 5. Connected to other symptoms 6. Symmetric 7. Triggered

Important Facts

Dysesthetic itching may occur suddenly and intensely, but for brief periods. It may be present over any part of the body or face. It is different from the generalized itching that can accompany an allergic reaction, as there is no external skin rash or irritation at the site of itching.


Feelings of tingling, burning or numbness, which are caused by lesions in the central nervous system, are known as dysesthesias. Literally translated from the Greek, this means “bad sensation.”


**Unfortunately corticosteroid ointments will not help with this type of itching** 1. Anticonvulsants such as Carbamazepine & Gabapentin 2. Antidepressants such as amitriptyline and the MAO inhibitors 3. Atarax (