Symptom Detail

speech disorders


Speech patterns are controlled by several areas of the brain and when lesions appear in different areas of the brain, this can result in various speech problems. These issues are more apt to appear in patients during relapses or periods of extreme fatigue.


Slurred or Nasal Sounding Speech


MS patients may experience slurred speech or nasal sounding speech, which can sound as though the person has a cold or nasal obstruction.


Slurred speech is the result of loss of coordination of the muscles that facilitate speech. This can cause missing vowels from speech and mixing up consonants.

Important Facts

MS can cause people to slur their words, similar to the speech of someone who has been drinking alcohol.


Slurred speech is usually caused by a weakness and/or incoordination of the muscles. These can also be caused by lesions.


1. Talk with your doctor who may direct you to see a Speech Pathologist 2. A Speech Pathologist may prescribe medication to help aid speech regulation