Symptom Detail

Symptoms of MS_Photos_Swallowing


People with MS often experience difficulties with swallowing which can result in speech disorders.


The following are indications of swallowing issues: 1. coughing or choking when eating 2. feeling like food is lodged in throat 3. unexplained recurrent lung infections 4. unexplained malnutrition and dehydration.

Important Facts

Your doctor will ask you many questions about the nature of your problem and perform a physical exam, paying attention to the function of your tongue and swallowing muscles. Occasionally, your doctor might recommend a modified barium swallow.


Swallowing problems are a result of damage to the nerves controlling the many small muscles in the mouth and throat.


A speech or language pathologist can diagnose swallowing problems. Treatment is usually comprised of practicing and utilizing strategies for safer eating and swallowing, dietary changes, exercise, or stimulation designed to help improve swallowing.