Symptom Detail

Cognitive dysfunction


Problems with learning and remembering information, organization, planning, problem solving and maintaining focus. You may experience difficulties in only one or two areas or in several areas of cognitive functioning.


Early warning signs may include: 1. Difficulty finding the right words 2. Trouble remembering your daily routines or work duties 3. Difficulty making decisions 4. Showing poor judgement 5. Difficulty keeping up with conversations or daily tasks

Important Facts

This symptom tends to progress more slowly and is manageable if diagnosed correctly and compensatory strategies are implemented. Cognitive dysfunction is severe in only a small number of people.


Correlates with the number of lesions and lesion area on your MRI. Exacerbations are a risk factor for cognitive dysfunction.


1. Computer-mediated memory exercises 2. Training in the use of compensatory strategies – notebooks, computers and filing systems 3. Studies are ongoing to identify ways to stabilize and/or improve cognitive issues