Symptom Detail



Feeling off balance or lightheaded is a common symptom of people with MS. It can often feel as if you or your surroundings are spinning.


Dizziness is often the first symptom felt by MS patients. It can range from feelings of lightheadedness to motion sickness. Extreme cases of this could result in vertigo which leaves the person feeling as if the ground is rushing up towards them. However, vertigo is 1 in MS patients.

Important Facts

Most symptoms of dizziness can be remedied with medications that otherwise healthy people use to treat the same conditions.


Due to lesions in the complex pathways that manage visual, spatial and other input to the brain that is needed to produce and help maintain equilibrium. It can also be caused by middle ear inflammation and benign tumors of the nerve that connects the ear and brain.


1. Consult a physician when symptoms become unbearable 2. Anti motion-sickness drugs (Antivert, Bonine( or Dramamine ( 3. Corticosteroids (in very serious cases)